Ten Questions Every Artist Should Ask Themselves

Every artist that I know has at some point questioned why they do what they do. It’s normal to want to define your goals. And I think it’s a good idea to keep your work on track with your expectations.

Here are ten questions that can serve as a reminder to help keep you focused and feeling good about your endeavours. There are no right or wrong answers here. And, your answers will depend a great deal on whether you are running a business or if your art is just a casual interest or something more serious. And remember that life is dynamic. They way you feel about your passions today may have changed dramatically from the way you felt about them a few years ago.

Give the questions a try. And come back to them regularly to see how your feelings may have changed.

1.) Why do I pursue art/photography?

2.) Is being recognized important to me?

3.) Do I feel it’s vitally important to share my work?

4.) Does social media play a important role in allowing me to pursue my art/photography?

5.) Is it important for me to sell my talent or finished product?

6.) Is the time I spend on social media more valuable than the time I could be spending pursuing my art?

7.) How many hours per week do I spend soul searching or thinking about how to make my art/photography more meaningful?

8.) How dependent is the production of my style of art/photography on regularly seeing what everybody else is doing and staying in touch with current trends?

9.) How much time do I spend trying to be original?

10.) What are the top three things I could do differently to make my art/photography better?




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