Notes From a Small Town Street Tog (December)

“Wide open spaces….”

“People don’t chill or hang out like when I was a kid.”

“The skies are very dark again and again. Flat light.”

“An umbrella is a necessary piece of equipment.”

“Walked 9KM today. Crossed paths with 4 people. Got two decent photographs.”

“I hate wearing boots.”

“Some people walk their dogs. A few walk for exercise. The others just go from point A to point B in cars.”

“Kids don’t play road hockey anymore.”


“Looking for interaction…”

“Smokers…more smokers…a few homeless.”

“Finally sun beams and shadows…loving this!”

“Have to be creative.”

“I enjoy seeing people smile. I love the ones who don’t notice even more.”

“After a year of this, the big city is going to seem like much less effort is required.”

“Fresh, crisp air, and exchanging greetings with strangers…very nice. Stopping to chat…wonderful.”

“Good. The streetlights are still on.”

“No excuses. Never any excuses…”

“I really love this place. It’s difficult, but it has character.”

“Outside the box…trying desperately to forget everything I’ve ever learned.”

“Not much today. Will try again tomorrow.”

“Video games have robbed kids with the opportunity to be in and a part of the world much of the time. Times have sure changed.”

“Walking is good for the soul.”

“Material world…”

“Looking for essence…”

“Magic around every corner…”

“A brand new year tomorrow…still learning to see…still learning to see.”

R0000806 - Version 2


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