Expand Your Shooting Options

Many photographers seem to shoot a particular genre such as wildlife or a landscape etc. And when the light or the weather is simply not conducive to their particular style, they find themselves blocked from shooting, and the day becomes an opportunity to catch up on bookwork or social media. And that’s fine. But if you’re like most photographers I know, you enjoy shooting more than anything else, and you’re robbing yourself of opportunities. Why not try branching out and explore other areas?

For example, after many years of shooting, I’ve found that shooting landscapes where I live can be pretty hit and miss. The early hours of sunrise or later on during golden hour into sunset can be great. But what about those blah days where uninteresting, featureless big white skies dominate the scene? Add a bit of rain or wind to the mix and we all just want to stay indoors and shop for more camera gear. Am I right?

Have a look at a few of these suggestions. I’ve been able to use them as “work-arounds” for many years now. And hopefully they will help you to develop your skill set and enable you to start thinking differently. It’s great to be very good at a particular style of photography, but it’s even better to be a “well-rounded” photographer with more options.


landscapes, nature, wildlife, portraiture augmented with flash

Mid-day big white skies:

intimate landscapes, nature, wildlife, macro, waterfalls, black and white photography, long exposure black and white, natural light portraiture, sports photography

Mid-day blue skies with strong sun:

landscapes, street photography, bird photography, wildlife, portraiture augmented with flash

Rainy days:

street photography, studio photography

Windy days:

street photography, long exposure landscape/nature photography, studio photography

Snow days:

landscape, street photography, wildlife, nature, studio photography

Foggy days:

landscape, street photography, studio photography

Many of us live in places where the weather and light conditions can be quite variable. If one begins to focus the style of photography you shoot according to the weather and light situations you face, you’ll open many more options for your shooting and probably get better results.

Happy Shooting,



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