Are You a Rebel?

Almost everyone these days uses their computers, tablets, and smartphones to view their photographs. After all, digital imagery gives us a whole new level of convenience. This convenience however, can be short on both experience and safety.
Most people I know don’t get their photos printed simply because they feel it’s not necessary when they already have them on their computers. It would just be an extra expense they don’t want to shell out for.
The funny thing is, if a few dozen 4 by 6’s every so often is considered too much of an expense, then I can almost guarantee you that most of these people do not have a reliable backup system for their hard drives, or subscribe to a cloud backup service either.
It’s happened to almost everyone at some point or another including professional photographers. And the scenario of losing everything on your computer or smartphone is very real.
But putting the safety issues aside, there’s another reason to make prints of your favorite photos: the experience of being able to page through an album of meaningful images, or the daily ritual of seeing a special moment displayed as wall art in your home.
Take the leap. Be a rebel. Print your favorite images. Store them in a shoebox on your coffee table. Some day for one reason or another, you’ll be thanking me that you did.
Happy Shooting,

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