15 Lessons to Stay Happy as a Young Photographer


Find the Zen in what you’re doing. Enjoy “moments”.


In a way, I empathize with young artists. You see, the digital era as incredible as it is, has brought new challenges for photographers. The internet has opened up the portals. In seconds we can see thousands upon thousands of fantastic images taken by both professional and amateurs alike. 

Years ago, a young photographer may have aspired to some day travel to the far reaches of the earth to photograph places like Machu Picchu, Namibia, Iceland etc. in hopes to bring back the greatest images the world has ever seen. And these aspirations were true because from their perspective, it was a rare thing to do. It was exceptional. 

The world is now flooded with imagery from spectacular places. And, the young photographer now faces a psychological challenge to figure out a way to stand out in place where everything has seemingly been done before. 

It’s a struggle that many never overcome. It’s a roller coaster ride on a daily basis. 

So how do you come to terms with it? How do you ensure that you never fall out of love with the art? How do you keep from being discouraged?


Here are a few tips…


1.) Remember that each and every one of us is on a different path. We are given certain opportunities and can only do the best that we can given the parameters we have to work with. 

2.) Appreciate good photography. Enjoy the work of others but never dwell on it. 

3.) It’s not a competition. Learn how to laugh with other artists, share each other’s misfortunes and celebrate the triumphs.

4.) Always learn new things. 

5.) Share your knowledge. 

6.) Don’t spend your time doing what’s been done before. 

7.) Don’t ever struggle with trying to be the best. 

8.) Find a way to love doing what you do and let it show. 

9.) Never get caught playing the “like” game and actually believing that you’re better if you get more likes.

10.) Forget everything else and concentrate on being a better artist than you were yesterday.

11.) Take satisfaction in making yourself happy making others happy. It may be a close friend, a brother or sister, someone’s grandparents, or people who live in your town. Don’t get hung up on trying to please the entire planet.

12.) Photograph with others, but do it because you enjoy sharing the opportunity, not because you want to make a better image than them.

13.) Slow down. Find the Zen in what you’re doing. Enjoy “moments”.

14.) Make the image you’re working on now the best one you’ve ever done. 

15.) Appreciate the fact that you enjoy what you do – period…and go with it.


 So there you have it! I hope in some small way this helps.



Happy Shooting,









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