Soaking It All Up


What do you want from your landscape photography? The obvious answers for most are that they want their images to be meaningful, different, or to capture a specific moment in time. These are all legitimate aspirations…

In my workshops I teach that it’s important to take in the moment, breathe the air, feel the cold, listen to the geese in the distance…figure out what it is that makes this place worth photographing. This step will become important not only in determining how you decide to compose and expose the scene, but later on for how you will remember it when doing your processing of the raw image.

Getting it right in camera and doing the best job you can while in the field is paramount, but just as important is taking it all in. Soak it up! Let it shake you! Find a great composition that describes the place.

My students always hear me say, “Learn everything you can about your camera, then when it becomes second nature, forget about it.” Art isn’t about technical crap. It’s about feeling.

The photograph doesn’t simply end with the push of the shutter release. Use your visualization to create an image that is meaningful, has impact, and conveys what you remember about the scene. But do it in a way that remains true to the beauty of our natural world.

The camera is limited in it’s dynamic range. RAW images are flat, without saturation, contrast, and the vibrancy of the real world. But if properly exposed, they do capture a tremendous amount of detail. What good is all that detail if you have no vision to bring it all to life?

Live what you are photographing.

Happy Shooting,



2 thoughts on “Soaking It All Up

  1. That’s a nice balanced shot endowed with lots of rich interest Doug! Great photo! It’s nice to know there’s still some good green on this earth. Thanks for sharing.

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