You Will It Out

Whew….I just finished up getting another photography workshop all done. I woke up early this morning to a note on my Facebook page from a photographer friend Bev Solomon. The note said, “You will it out. Perseverance is the key to overcoming most obstacles.” So true…


This particular workshop has been months in the planning really. Taking up almost every moment in my hours when I’m not doing my day job (my more than full-time career), and almost every hour of many sleepless nights, I have finally finished up all the gathering of information, weeding out the non-essential, organizing the sticky notes, images and thoughts, and plunking them all into a keynote presentation that has rhyme, rhythm, and reason. Next, writing out student notes, then creating an adobe indesign document. I can breathe again.


I feel good today. I think it will be a day of rest spent sipping coffee in front of the fireplace with my lovely wife and best friend Paula. And I feel good about the workshop. I can honestly say it contains stuff that not only is useful and relevant, but is hard to find anywhere, and thus valuable. I’m happy about that.


And thank-you Bev. Those words were right on the mark. So true…



Happy Shooting, 




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