Photography and Continuing Education

Photography is one of those fields that requires continuing education. Though the basic principles remain the same, there always seems to be new techniques, software, and equipment to learn about.

Experiences with my own career and my background in education have told me that some people are very good at self-learning while others have great difficulties absorbing concepts by themselves. I have always taken great pride in being able to research a topic and learn everything I can about it on my own. However, the reasons that can make it difficult for some to grasp new concepts then put them to creative use are numerous.

Perhaps it has something to do with motivation, self-discipline, inspiration, reading skills, or simply the fact that sometimes it just takes the idea to be presented differently, in a new light if you will, in order for it to take hold.

I cannot tell you how many wonderful educational opportunities there are in the field of photography. There are workshops, blogs, photo walks, e-books, webinars, and many other ways to help develop your skills as a photographer.

If you are interested in improving your photography, above all, I urge you to get out in the field and keep making lots of images. Practice is the best thing you can do to improve your craft. But you should also strongly consider taking advantage of some of the help offered by photographers who know how to teach. It can make many seemingly daunting skills much easier to understand.

A few wonderful photography teachers to look for: Darwin Wiggett, David Hobby, Guy Tal, Bobby Goodrich, Tony Sweet, Jay & Varina Patel, Ed Verosky, and Neil van Niekerk.




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